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About Green Hills Farm

Meet Kristy and Neil Plumridge

Meet Kristy and Neil Plumridge, Green Hills Farm

Hello, we're two long-time corporate Melburnians who've swapped suits and stilettos (that would be Kristy) for custodianship of a precious tract of West Gippsland farm and bushland. 


Like many farmers, we're not big on introspection. Besides, we're pretty busy just now. We need to get on with tending our garlic crop, raising grass-fed beef, and welcoming guests to The Ridge House


But we did answer our charming copywriter's questions about why we're here and what we do. 


So, if you'll excuse us, dear readers, we'll leave our story in her safe hands while we crack on with the farm work.

See our garden on ABC's Dream Gardens Series on 23rd July 2021.

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On being a great team

Neil on Kristy

"She's creative. Kristy is a superb communicator, marketer, and events manager. She's also a dedicated foodie and the driving force behind our  'plant to table' plan to entice Victorians to 'buy local and eat better.'"

Kristy on Neil

"He's strategic. Neil has a brilliant head for finance. He's a planner and a doer. Neil's the business brain behind the transformation of Green Hills Farm from 150 acres of neglected, weed ravaged farmland to flourishing eco-friendly agribusiness."


Kristy and Neil share a vision for Green Hills Farm. They're creating a productive, sustainable sanctuary and a foundation or sharing what they produce and what they've learned.  Pooling their complementary skills is the key to making this happen.

Meet Kristy and Neil Plumridge, Green Hills Farm

On growing Gippsland garlic

Neil on the practicalities

"As 'non-farmers,' we wanted to grow a relatively easy crop to complement our organic beef production. My research showed that top-quality Australian-grown garlic could compete with imported, chemically treated garlic on taste and health fronts."

Kristy on the culinary art

"As an Italian food lover, I know the joy of cooking with garlic. Now I've discovered there are almost as many varieties as there are mouth-watering cuisines. We're keen to grow garlic varieties that work well with Spanish or Thai, or Cajun food. We're planning workshops on growing, storing, and using garlic."   

Sustainably Grown Garlic, Green Hills Farm

Green Hills Farm's Gippsland Garlic is grown with loads of love and zero chemicals by humans who know good food.

West Gippsland, Green Hills Farm

On joining the West Gippsland community

Kristy on connecting

"As 'townies' coming into a rural community, we had to put ourselves out there. We're pretty good 'joiner inners,' and we've never minded getting our hands dirty. As a marketer, I'm used to connecting talented makers to grateful consumers. Collaborating with amazing local artisans, growers, and restaurateurs to expand all our businesses is one of the great joys of living in this community." 

Neil on trading skills and experience

"We couldn't have rehabilitated and restored Green Hills Farm without local farming and horticultural knowledge. In return for generous support from neighbours who've farmed here for generations, we offer business and marketing know-how that helps them grow."   


Contributing to the West Gippsland community is at the heart of the Green Hills Farm project.  For Neil and Kristy, this means being real, getting out there, and giving as good as they get. 

On hosting perfect wedding day preparations and bespoke betrothals   

Kristy on sharing a labour of love

"Green Hills Farm is a passion project on two fronts. Firstly, we're caring for the land and growing healthy, delicious food. Secondly, we're creating tranquil, stylish living spaces that complement their beautiful bushland environs. 

We invite a small number of brides or grooms and couples to prepare for and celebrate their wedding in our private home and haven."

Neil on doing everything brilliantly

"Kristy is a stellar event manager. I'm awestruck every time she works her generous, meticulous magic to create a sublime experience for brides or grooms preparing to wed or couples exchanging vows. Besides being the 'Boss of Perfect Preparations and Bespoke Betrothals, ' Kristy cares for a constant stream of contented guests in The Ridge House. Consequently, pre-nuptial preparations and 'bespoke betrothals' are rare and precious events at Green Hills Farm."


We offer a handful of bookings annually to brides, grooms, and couples whose applications indicate that they understand and appreciate these beautiful, bespoke opportunities. 

Curious about perfect wedding preparations or bespoke betrothals at Green Hills Farm? 

Bespoke Betrothals Green Hills Farm

On offering premium holiday accommodation

Neil on The Ridge House as a bushland retreat

"Inviting our guests to share the restorative power of the land we love is a pleasure and privilege. The Ridge House is a carefully renovated sanctuary set in fifty acres of private bushland. Walk the historic logging trails or sit still and soak up the sunsets and the views. Either way, you'll unwind."   

Kristy on The Ridge House as a stylish, relaxing treat

"We've renovated and styled The Ridge House to provide everything we look for in cosy, magical holiday accommodation. A touch of luxe in furnishings, and linens, lovely toiletries, scrumptious breakfast goodies featuring fresh local produce. We want you to relax and enjoy the best of our beautiful region. If you'd like restaurants booked, shopping delivered, chilled bubbly and a cheese platter on arrival, just ask."


The Ridge House is perfect for romantic weekend getaways and ideal for refreshing breaks with family or friends. Curl up by the fire in winter, laze about on the verandah in summer. Explore West Gippsland any time.

The Ridge House Private Country Retreat, Green Hills Farm

Events @ Green Hills

  • Morning Tea with the Bees
    Morning Tea with the Bees
    Sun, 10 Oct
    Green Hills Farm
    10 Oct 2021, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Green Hills Farm, 460 Yarragon S Rd, Yarragon South VIC 3823, Australia
    Join us and our resident beekeeper, Caroline Hammond (Come Fly with Me Beekeeping) as we delve into the mysterious and productive world of bees and why hosting hives is so important to us at Green Hills Farm. Honey tastings and delicious honey-filled morning tea will be served.

Green Hills Farm at a glance

Take a squizz at our stats

We bought the farm

The adventure began - knee-deep in cape weed

Acres - 150 in farmland and 50 in bush land

We'll leave it better than we found it 

Kilos of spray-free garlic annually

5 varieties sold by subscription 

Kilos of grass fed beef grown annually

Supplying quality Australian beef to local and international markets

Meet Kristy Plumridge, Green Hills Farm

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