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Mixed Box of Green Hills Farm Garlic

Mixed Box of Green Hills Farm Garlic

Experiment with a box of mixed Gippsland garlic. 


This is a mixed box of our varieties from season 2023/2024. 

Includes, Rocombole, Purple Turban and Italian Late.


Fab for: Exploring different flavours, confirming classic favourites, and adding new ones 

Famous for: Tempting your tastebuds and growing your garlic smarts

At its peak: See storage notes below - consider adding our locally hand-made hessian bag for optimal storage.

  • Storage. Important info to make your garlic last.

    Garlic likes to be stored in a cool dark space with plenty of ventilation. You can store our garlic in the box it arrives in, but you'll need to poke in lots of air on all sides.

    The best storage is a hessian-style bag. We have some for sale that we had made for us by a local lady who loves to crochet - thanks Kathie!

    Garlic will last 4 or so months dependent on storage.

    Oh no, my Garlic has started sprouting!

    This is normal as your garlic cloves want to start germinating and they are completely safe to eat but if they sprout too far, the flavour can be bitter.

    If you have not used it all by the month of May or you see your garlic starting to sprout here is what to do. Peel gloves and remove any green sprouting tips with a pairing knife.  Use a garlic press (or blitz in a blender) to mince your garlic. Spoon into ice cube trays, and cover it with a thin layer of olive oil ensuring no garlic is exposed. Freeze overnight. Pop-out into ziplock bags and back into the freezer.

    Now you have the perfect garlic flavour bomb for any winter slow cook, impromptu garlic bread or stirfry that takes your fancy. No need to thaw! 


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